White Untucked Tee

Long lasting. Flattering cut. Ultra soft.

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The Untucked Tee is made with Peruvian Pima Cotton. A hypoallergenic, long-lasting cotton, hand-harvested in Peru. Features a 24" body length for Size M that lands perfectly at the hip. Designed to be worn untucked. Drapes freely down the torso. Wear this tee all day, every day.

Pima Cotton

Pima Cotton. 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton. Hand-harvested and hypoallergenic. Two times softer than regular cotton and designed to last. Wash your UNTUCKED T-SHIRT inside-out on cold with similar garments. Hang dry to extend lifespan.


- Made in Peru
- Untucked T-Shirt Length
- 24" Body Length in Size M
- Lands at the Hip
- 100% Pima Cotton
- Wash Inside-Out on Cold
- Hand-Harvested
- Hypoallergenic
- Exterior Woven SAMMY label


24" body length for Size M, 3" shorter than the T-Shirt. Lands at the hip. An Untucked T-Shirt designed to be worn without needing to tuck it in. Drapes freely down the torso. Side slits at the hem provide increased mobility.

Please do not hesitate to email concierge@sammymenswear.com with sizing questions. We love hearing from you.

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