As seen In GQ, Vogue, Tatler, + Wired.

LGBTQ+ owned.

My favorite moment as the owner of this brand is when I see someone’s face change when they try something on. You can just tell when someone is feeling it! Growing up, I often found it challenging to find clothes that fit me in the way I liked. I felt limited by the conventional clothing styles I found in the men’s section, but remained steadfast in my desire to stay true to my self expression. 

When I found something that fit “right”, it was a rare occasion that it was also comfortable. And vice versa. I came out when I was 15 and started getting creative with my outfits. My favorite jeans ended up being a pair I found in the women’s section and my go-to shorts were a pair I thrifted and cut into short-shorts. Options were limited, but when I found something I liked, I held onto it as long as I could! 

When I was 18, I enrolled in fashion school. While enrolled at Parsons in New York, I realized if I felt this restricted by conventional options, others likely did too! So, I decided to use my creativity and passion for design to build a brand for other guys looking for clothing that aren’t easy to find in most shops. I held onto those 3 key principles behind what I wanted to make: fit, feel, and longevity. Ultimately, I designed my “perfect” closet. Clothing that fits right and feels good with quality that lasts.

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In stock at Soho Beach House, Kai'ea Boutique NYC, + Base.

Miami Swim Week 2023.